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Purg's Cheatsheets for Popular Mixed Drinks, Grocery Lists, Language Translation and more!

Five Years Online......Tens of thousands of sheets sold. Laminated or Printable Download.   

The Super Download Deluxe consists of the entire Bartender's Cheatsheet collection via download.  Each cheat sheet is opened separately in a single .pdf file (opens with Adobe Reader).  The sheet can then be printed out, as many times as you wish.  Otherwise, the downloads can be great to just view on the computer screen.





PATRICK MULLER Your product is great so far. I haven't made every drink yet but I'm working on it. I have an addition for future sheets.
High Priced Escort (shooter)
The same as a red headed slut but substitute Crown Royal for the Jager
1/3 Crown Royal
1/3 Peach Schnapps
1/3 Cranberry

RIAAN BEZUIDENHOUT The cheatsheet that i used is not for Business purposes, but for private use. I was browsing the internet for shooters recipes and i found your website. This sheet is brilliant and it shows just how easy it is to make a cocktail or a shooter. The only small problem i have is that i am in South Africa, and there are a few brands of alcohol that is very hard to find. So i am trying to mix it with more or less what i think will substitute the alcohol brand and it still works.

AMANDA SUTPHIN The sheet i received were a great help.  I don't have to worry now about other employees asking me what drinks are when i am busy.  And they can make them when i am not there.  I havent been mixing for very long either and its a great help for me when out-of-town visitors come by and ask for strange things. they are an asset to anybody whose got lots of employees and need to train too.

SHERRY ROUTHIER Hi Jon: I just wanted to let you know I was very pleased with this product. My son is building a bar and game room in his home and I purchased this and added a few sheets to clarify some of the items. I gave him this as a X-mas gift, put together in a binder. HE was really happy with this gift, as he doesn't have any knowledge of drink making. Thanks again for such a useful product.

JEREMY WASHBURN Gator's Dockside, FL I really like the format of the cheat sheets ...all in all it is a very useful tool.  We just updated a few of the recipes (20 or so) to match our demand and our guest's preferences.  
KATIE PERHAM Jon, I have been bartending for a while now...but I always get that random person who orders something that I have to look up, hence why I bought the cheat sheets.  They are a quick and easy reference.  Thank you for offering something that betters my drink making abilities!!!

EVILPETE HotZPizza/The Underground, Lancaster, PA The Cheatheet was a big hit. We have one copy posted where I bartend and we refer to it daily. I also run a local Happy Hour & Networking Club, and I bring a copy with me when we visit taverns. The Cheatsheat creates a fun atmosphere as customers try new drinks - and the bartenders/owners are happy as my guests are spending more money and staying longer in the client bars.

CHARLIE BROWN -I gave the Bartender's Cheatsheet as a 21st birthday gift and it was a big hit!

NATHAN TOMCZUK Waukesha, WI -I am quite pleased with the cheet sheets that I received.  I am amazed that they had so many recipes. 

COLIN THOMSON Lancashire, Great Britain - In a word FANTASTIC.  Great product. First class.

DIANA OSPINA Miami Beach, FL - Thanks for taking care of everything, the lists are great and they're going to help me a lot in my job!! Thanks!! I would recommend u guys


A laminated quick-reference guide designed to provide as much information as possible - FAST. Also available as a printable download, if needed immediately. Cheat sheets are spill-proof, which is important for our Bartender's Cheatsheets. To view a sample Bartender's Cheatsheet, click here

Download Deluxe - OUR MOST POPULAR. Download all for 19.99

Complete Package.  ALL 28 Recipe Sheets laminated, plus downloads and backup CD for 79.95. ORDER

In our Language Translation section, the following cheat sheets are available:

English/Spanish - 1000 words translated Laminated 9.99 Download 2.99 ORDER
English/German - 1000 words translated Laminated 9.99 Download 2.99 ORDER
English/French - 1000 words translated Laminated 9.99 Download 2.99 ORDER

Each cheat sheet is designed to be spilled on, folded and hidden...in the case of the bartender that does not want to be seen looking through a bartending book for his customer's drink. Also the principle advantage the Bartender's Cheatsheet has over a book is that drink recipes can be found up to SIX TIMES FASTER than in a bartending book.

Our downloadable cheat sheets are exactly the same as our laminated cheat sheets. Only by downloading, you have the ability to print as many as you like, and laminated them yourself if you want. The advantage of the download is that there are no shipping costs, and you receive it immediately in the form of a printable .pdf file...just open with Adobe Reader and print!


The Bartender's Cheatsheets contain nearly 3,000 drink recipes, martini recipes and shooter recipes.

How do you make mixed drink recipes, such as a chocolate martini, kamikaze, cosmopolitan or other cocktail receipes? Drink recipies are made easy with our laminated drink list.  Recepies such as the mudslide, lemon drop, hot toddy and cranberry martini cocktail are among over 2,500 recipes you can choose from.  From grasshoppers to chocolate martinis, white russians and black russians to crantinis, the bartender's cheat sheet includes other drinks such as the brass monkey to the bloody mary. Hurricanes, B-52s, cement mixers and apple pies are among other drinks.   Ever have a hot egg nog, boilermaker drink, blue lagoon drink, or other shot recipes and shot drinks? coctail recipies such as the blue martini are also included in our bartending book.  Over 2,500 mixed drink receipes include the amaretto sour, mudslide and other alcoholic drink mixes.  Our recipes include apple martini and cherry vodka sour, cranberry martini and a lemon drop.  Because of the fuzzy navel's popularity, we have included that too, along with the kahlua mudslide, greyhound, southern comfort manhattan and the keoke coffee.  The Christmas Martini, kir, candy cane and the four horsemen are among many of our Christmas cocktails available. The Bartender's Cheat Sheet will show you how to make a gibson, cuba libre, hot buttered rum among other receipes. The peppermint martini, buttery nipple, koolaid and blue hawaiian are among other alcoholic drink recipes included in the laminated sheets. The Godiva chocolate martini, colorado bulldog coctail recepies and the chocolate martini are included!   Wanna make a hot toddy?  We have that too, plus the mexican martini, chi chi, chocolate martini, screaming orgasm, bloody martini and many more. As a bartender, you will have access to the gimlet, blueberry martini, stinger shooter, duck fart and the french connection.  Make a blue martini, drink the perfect margarita or learn how to bartend by first making the lynchberg lemonade.  Our bartending recipes include the liquid cocaine, crantini, hot egg nog alcoholic drink recipe and the amaretto sour.  With our recipes and your bartending tools, make a grape nehi, cookie shooter or an apple martini.  Popular mixed drinks such as the cocktail weiner recipe,  peppermint martini recipe or the cosmopolitan martini are among those drinks available on Purg's Cheat sheets.  Whether making a white russian, a kamikazee, lemon drop, vodka shooter or a pina colada...these sheets help you do it all. Ever make a gingerbread man drink?  Use us, plus make a dirty martini cocktail, watermelon martini, or a harvey wallbanger (sometimes spelled harvy wall banger).  For the holidays make a Christmas Martini, madras or other alcholic drink recipes.  Learn how t make drinks with the cheatsheets. Try a mexican martini, hot toddy, and other bar drinks with martini ingredients.

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